This Site Has Not Moved

haulin netMy archived site is Haulin’ ‘Net 2006.

The new Haulin’ ‘Net is here at

Although I have many positives to this move, one thing still bugs me. I can subscribe to the new Haulin’ ‘Net in Bloglines, but it doesn’t update to notify me when new content is posted. WordPress claims it’s a Bloglines issue. I am still waiting to hear back from Bloglines.

The new site updates perfectly in Sage, Google Reader, and Mozilla Live Bookmarks.

The reasons I made the move are as follows:

Disintermediation: The majority of folks in the connected world live and breathe in social network environments that do not require them to manage their own servers, become Linux jocks, or wrestle with filtering concerns. This results in a bevy of on-line choices that allows customers simply to skip obstacles for clearer paths.

Professional Development: We are quickly moving along in our Laptop Learning Initiative, and we need a solid blog engine that can be scaled. Soon the participants will blog. The hope is that they will be firestarters for others in their schools.

Spam Fighter: WordPress utilizes Akismet by default. It seems to be working better than the solution we installed on the old Haulin’ ‘Net.

Themes: More options here. I particularly like the increased flexibility of the customizable headers and sidebar widgets. The header image on the new Haulin’ ‘Net is a photo my daughter took on Core Sound. Here are two more custom headers I collaborated on this week, Bridges Alternative School and Peregrinations.

Pages: Very nice ability to add pages that display like hyperlinks on oldschool webpages.

Blog Stats: Though I much prefer Google Analytics in the old Haulin’ ‘Net and in edublogs, I can live with the “lite” navel-gazing properties of

Avatar: My Haulin’ ‘Net signature photo can appear whenever I comment on another WordPress blog.

So, on the negative side, I may lose my friends in Bloglines unless they manually update my content. On the plus side, I have found a scaleable model I can share with my learning group. I am pleased with the security, aesthetics and extras.

With a lot of the technical stuff out of the way and the certainty of scaleability, we are free to explore the more meaningful question: How can our teachers use professional blogs to add value to their learning environments?


3 Responses to This Site Has Not Moved

  1. keoughp says:


    I really appreciate you showing me the nuances of the blog and some of the “under the hood” stuff. As a photographer I love being able to create my own banners as well. I’ll link a podcast snippet from our last discussion in the next day or so – digging out of a bunch of papers to grade.

    Here is the banner I created for my Title III Blog Title III Blog

    I like the google reader thing you showed me as well.



  2. keoughp says:

    forgot to link Title III Grant Blog – also…check out what my Distance Learning Pioneers are doing here at CCC.

    Cool things are happening in education in Carteret County


  3. tweeks says:

    Thanks for the notice Joe. I really like your utilization of the WordPress features. I will give them a try myself. And tell your daughter the picture is awesome!


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