Represent Globally, Act Locally

February 13th was a pretty big day for students, teachers, administration, and parents to represent to governing bodies the state of technology in our schools. Three schools (White Oak, Broad Creek, and Morehead Primary) represented their cases at the Board of Education Public Comment. Broad Creek, the NC IMPACT School of the Year, represented Carteret County at the Legislative School Technology Day in Raleigh (three pics below).

BCMS students with Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue

BCMS students with State Supt. Atkinson and SBE Chair Lee

BCMS students with Senator Preston and Representative McElraft

On the local front, major kudos to the schools who brought their well thought-out and orchestrated concerns before the Board of Education. White Oak parents made their case. Broad Creek teachers, students, parents, and technician made their case. And Morehead Primary’s tech facilitator made their case as the principal and assistant principal handed out high quality 8-min DVDs to the Board members.

On another front, an ECHS student shared a Photo Story of her senior project, then made the point that she used her home computer because student access to modern computers in schools is inadequate.

Read the News Times account here…


One Response to Represent Globally, Act Locally

  1. John Blake says:

    Check out my student’s podcasts. Several episodes were recorded at part of this years Legislative School Technology Day. I sent my students around with an iPod with a Belkin mic and a H4 Handy Recorder. They recorded interviews of teachers, students, and Senator RC Soles, and Rep. Dewey Hill from our county- Columbus County. The students come back with segments that other students helped edit and enhance with images and hyperlinks using GarageBand software on our iBook laptops.

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