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“As I’m sure is obvious by this point, my focus has been shifting of late from classroom practice using these tools, which, by and large, I think has been relatively unimpressive, to personal learning practice. (Don’t get me wrong, there are some great examples out there, but they are few and far between.)

I think had I written the workshop description today, it would have had even more to say not just about the how to but about the why and the process of building networks of practice. To me, that’s what really will translate into effective, ethical classroom use.”

…and so writes Will Richardson, who will be the keynoter at NCaect in about three weeks. His sharper focus aligns with our laptop learning initiative. Perhaps all these tools we are learning—and will continue to learn—will simply give us competitive advantage as education professionals and lifelong learners.

I can see an integration of Firefox and add-ons, Google Reader and Docs, Zoho Planner and perhaps eventually Notebook, and WordPress Blogs evolving as the hub of our Personal Learning Networks.

I marvel at the prospect—and anticipate the investigation—of what these tools can do to augment on-line classes for high school students..

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