IMPACT: Rarified Air

haulin netEvery so often, it pays to come up and sample some air. We did this at the principals’ meeting at BCMS on 2/20 when we shared some local best practices regarding IMPACT, North Carolina’s guidelines for successful K-12 media and technology programs.

Rare air it is indeed when we have the 2004 NC Technology Educator of the Year in the same room as the 2006 IMPACT School of the Year. We rounded them out with other models of IMPACT excellence from within the county.

The presenters gave brief snapshots of how media coordinators and instructional technology facilitators can add value to balanced curriculum, professional development, planning and scheduling, purchasing, building community, and Senior Project.

All schools in the system have media and technology plans which address how they implement IMPACT, teach the Computer Skills Curriculum and Information Skills Curriculum, and why they need current technology to support their efforts.

Although we have some excellent models of IMPACT, we still struggle with equitability in some spots. And, out of fairness to all students, we must work toward remedies.

  1. The ideal is that all schools have a certified, full time instructional technology facilitator.
  2. The ideal is that we have adequate tech support so that the instructional technology facilitators can spend the majority of their time in teaching and learning with teachers and students.
  3. The ideal is that instructional technology facilitators and media coordinators function together as the hub of meaningful learning within schools.
  4. The ideal is that students and staff have ubiquitous access to adequate current technology.

So, as with anything else, we have challenges to work through as we approach the ideals. But this much is obvious from the sampling of rarefied air that occurred at the principals’ meeting:

  1. We have come a long way!
  2. There are reasons why we are seen as state leaders in IMPACT.
  3. We are committed to maintaining our trajectory.

Many thanks to the presenters, principals, and hosts who made today’s stories worth sharing.


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