Dear Diary

Web logs, or blogs, began as on-line diaries. They have evolved into so much more . . . and have quite a ways to go.

I’ve never used mine as a diary. So what the heck, why not now?

Today started with a School System Media and Technology Advisory Committee meeting. It ran very well. Media coordinators, tech facilitators, tech support, central office admin, a BOE member, and principals shared their perspectives on the following agenda items:

  • Hardware Acquisition
  • Superintendent Search
  • Laptop Learning Initiative
  • Wireless Initiative
  • After Office 2003
  • Tech Plan/Client Satisfaction Survey
  • Local Teaching and Learning Conference, 2008

I am indebted to this group for their input on future initiatives. I realize the teacher voice is lacking on the committee, and we must reconcile that. This much is for sure, the synergy of many heads contributing surpasses the extent of any one.

Next it was off to the meeting with the superintendent and finance officer on some final numbers and formats for the 2007-2008 capital budget request. The beauty of this is that, of date, this request is owned by schools through a strategic, long-term, participatory process. And to date, it is still standing.

Perhaps the most fun of the day happened next when I met with the high school athletic directors to chart our course for the future. Play ignites the soul!

OK, from there it was a middle school basketball game, then a soccer practice, then . . .

The opening of the Art from the Heart Art Show. Dick Rogers, local artists, school art teachers, and students have some real eye candy on display at the old News-Times building. This is a definite must see for the next week.

One more gig. And that was the Lady Mariners post season run at the Mariner Dome. Yes, they are a special basketball team. Yes, they won. And yes they play again at home on Saturday night. Come and support them.

For them, for me, and hopefully for you . . . today was just another good day in the life.


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