My Team is in My Aggregator

haulin netTrue educational reform is not a top-down mandate.

Permanent and meaningful reform is dynamic. It has to involve the stakeholders from the ground floor up.

Some traveling life-long learners from our school system have left the beach and have met at the NCaect Conference in the Research Triangle Park. The group consists of most instructional technology facilitators, a media coordinator, our e-rate administrator, the winners of the annual school trip (Morehead Middle), two principals, and me.

Many in this group have been studying Read/Write Web applications and how laptops can influence our interaction with the New Media. Now we have the great fortune to sharpen our saws, experience the Will Richardson keynote, and for the daring. . . participate in the EduBloggerCon with Richardson and Warlick. Writes David:

Will and I will also be doing a session together, a panel discussion, that I suspect (and hope) will be a general conversation among the audience, sort of EduBlogggerCon in nature. With that in mind, and with other events on the horizon, I’ve set up a starter page on the EduBloggerCon wiki site, asking folks (you) to pose starter questions that might be a good springboard for these sorts of group conversations.

In our own way, our team of fearless learners is working hard to examine our professional practice and breath some life into our professional blogs. Most of the bloggers are newbies. Some will be blogging the conference. For starters, here are the clever blog titles and WordPress skeletal frameworks our group has set up—

Joe: Haulin’ ‘Net

Click O’ the Mouse

Millie: Life is Good!

Di: Little Bit

Tiffany: Loud Librarian

Ruamie: Mullet Over

Laranda: 21st Century Daze

Mary: On Second Thought

Laura: From the Keys

Ellen: Hawk Talk

Juanita: Holding On

Amy B: BookBlogger

Amy M: Patriot Tech 411

——JRP, blogging live from the NCaect Conference (all NCaect reports are being aggregated at Hitchhikr)


One Response to My Team is in My Aggregator

  1. Marlo Gaddis says:

    Joe, I am so impressed with your system and their ability to embrace the technology. I have been reading your blog for awhile but would love to talk with you regarding the training or way you hooked your staff! Thank you for attending the conference!

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