The Answers are in Us

Our group of 21 is just one day back from the NCaect conference. Most of our conference-goers have updated their thoughts in their blogs. I will share a few. Here’s an impressive and optimistic post from Lisa of MMS, the school that won the trip for five this year:

Click O’ the Mouse

I heard a lot at the conference about how no one seems to have answers on what it will take to bring change. The answers are here. They are in us. They are in every spark of an idea that comes to fruition in problem-solving products by students. Every time a teacher shares his/her idea with another teacher and that teacher in turn takes steps to bring that idea to pass in the classroom. The answers are in every administrator who stands in budget meetings telling the story of technology usage and needs in our schools in the face of a skeptical audience. The answers are in every storyteller and teacher in the blogosphere who pass on their knowledge to one more person. We are the ones who will bring change and we must keep doing what we’re doing. We must continue to be vocal, telling our lawmakers the story. If we continue, we will also grow louder and we will be heard. I have to believe that.

How impressive, optimistic, and fitting!

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One Response to The Answers are in Us

  1. So true, Lisa! In today’s society, a computer is like a pen and a piece of paper to a student. For 180 days a year, we live it…we breathe it…we KNOW that it is the truth. Sometimes, I feel so “frustrated” that people are just not getting it. They question our budget requests, making us feel that we are “begging” for new computers and the latest technology for no reason at all. But, as I reflect on my frustrations, I try to remind myself (like you) that our efforts are not in vain and should not bring about discontent with those who seem not to understand. We must continue to educate those who do not have the great opportunity to work with classroom teachers on a daily basis and to see all of the outstanding things that they are doing to “to graduate all students prepared to be productive citizens.” Without the support of modern technology in our school system, our teachers and our students will suffer. I have to believe that our community will one day understand and support this concept.

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