This One’s on Me

haulin netThat title can be confusing. On one hand it sounds like I’m about to give you something; on the other, it sounds like I’m accepting blame. So it goes with language and communication. We have to be careful what we say and write.

Recently, I wrote directions that were unclear. I omitted two letters from a computer model number, and my directions were misinterpreted. The result was that an unintended set of specs was sent. This led to a chain of events that stalled a very important and significant budget process. As a result, many people had to rearrange their personal schedules to meet new deadlines and attend new meetings.

In an ironic twist, much communication occurred because of the miscommunication. But I don’t want to leave it at that. As a leader, a miscommunication event in my area of oversight is always my fault. So, this one was on me . . . and that’s my acceptance of blame. My apologies go out to all who had to bend to keep us from breaking.


This evening the BOE met in an emergency session to complete the budget process, and — This one’s on all of us! By that I mean that every school, every Media and Technology Committee, every administrator, many teachers and support staff members, many community members, every BOE member, and many others had a part to play in the tonight’s Board of Education passage of the ’07-’08 school system budget.

The capital budget supports full funding of $1.2M in much-needed technology hardware acquisition. The school system’s hardware acquisition plan has been owned by the schools since May ’06. This year, the schools have rallied to keep our technology needs on the radar. And all who have worked so hard have been rewarded by tonight’s BOE action.

As we move into Phase Two of this process, my hope is that we continue with our intensity and passion for doing what is right in preparing our students to be future-ready and successful. We must be effective and vigilant communicators. Collectively, we must continue to add value to OneStop, the growing catalog that tells our story.


2 Responses to This One’s on Me

  1. debsviewdowneast says:

    Hey Joe,
    We all have days like that. Thank goodness everything turned out ok and also that the board has approved technology funding. I know you all had a good week at the conference. Sorry I couldn’t be there but the blogs have been informative. Speaking of blogs, I am really getting into blogging and had a chance to view an interesting video which made me do some thinking and writing. It was good to see you at the Battle of the Books today at ECHS-you may find a photo there of the surprise Mr. Chris had for Team AES . I hope you’ll visit my blog and maybe have some comment.

  2. debsviewdowneast says:

    This picture says it all! The kids had a blast too! Some of them had never ridden in a lemo before. The competition and the ride was a great experience for them. They are already talking about next year.

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