And the winner is . . .

Harkers Island defended its crown as the Battle of the Books champion for Carteret County Schools today at East Carteret High School (thanks, Jane, for the hospitality). Next, the Islanders travel to Kinston High School on April 19th to represent us at the regionals. Go, Islanders!

Second place this year went to Newport Middle, and third went to Smyrna Elementary. Also competing strong were Atlantic, Beaufort Middle, Broad Creek, and Morehead Middle.

All students who participated in this year’s battle are winners by virtue of reading much quality literature and participating in such a first-class event.

Major thanks to all judges, timekeepers, scorers, proofreaders, organizers, worker bees and other supporting personnel. Special recognition to all coaches (media specialists) who give so much of their time and energy to instill in young students the love of reading. Kudos to Marty Feurer (moderator), Bill Blair and Connie Asero (awards presenters), and Dr. Pennylloyd Baldridge (closing comments).

Appreciation also to Gene Garner of Coastal Carolina Heating and Air Conditioning for continued support in sponsoring the plaques and medals.

This event was meticulously planned and went off without a hitch. For this, we are ever grateful to Maxine and Dianne (who had the asterisks by their names this year) for great organization and delegation skills.


One Response to And the winner is . . .

  1. Amy says:

    I agree, Joe, that this year’s competition went off without a hitch and a good time was had by all. And I in no way want to take away from the hard work of Dianne and Maxine. However, I think I speak for all of us when I suggest that we should also give credit to the details that were established when Geraline Castle arrived in our county. Geraline came from Fayettville where Battle of the Books was/is handled on the same level as the EOGs; all i’s dotted and t’s crossed. She knows the rules, arrangements, timing, and scoring by heart. And she takes it seriously. Geraline has taken the time each year to make sure that the judges, who volunteer their time, often taking a day off from work, are properly trained and generously rewarded for their efforts. She definitely raised the standard for our county’s competition.

    Each year our group of media coordinators tries to rotate the leadership to give each of us an opportunity to be “the buck stops here” person, but we use the same basic outline that Geraline used her first year in the county when she volunteered to be the lead. It does still take time and effort, and we are so grateful to the person or persons who are willing to accept the task. And this year is no different; We thank Dianne and Maxine who were willing, and pulled off some neat additions to the tradition! Their year will be a tough one to follow!

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