Virtual PE, Coach Ed, and newbie AD’s

Call me pre-historic, but I don’t get on-line PE. However, Health/PE is an acceleration class offered by NC Virtual Public School this summer. I have no doubt that the high quality folks at NCVPS can make it succeed. I just don’t get it.

I do understand on-line Coach Education offered by the National Federation of State High School Associations. How often do we employ coaches who may have been stellar athletes or who have an affinity for the sport? Yet, we give them little guidance on the finer points of coaching middle and high school athletes before tossing them the keys to the gym.

For only $35 a coach has 365 days to complete a 5 unit course that meets state coaching standards. The entire “Fundamentals of Coaching” course should take a total of 4-6 hours to complete.

The units are as follows:

  • Unit 1: Educational Athletics and the Role of the Coach
  • Unit 2: The Coach as Manager
  • Unit 3: The Coach and Interpersonal Skills
  • Unit 4: The Coach and Physical Conditioning
  • Unit 5: The Coach as Teacher

I viewed some content from this course and was impressed with the rich multimedia vignettes that are used as discussion starters. If I’m a principal of a school with interscholastic athletics, I’m thinking this may not be a bad investment of a few of my staff dev dollars.

Finally, the North Carolina Athletic Directors Association has launched a terrific PDF resource aimed at new High School and Middle School Athletic Directors. (But I think this resource may even have some value to veterans.)

Hat’s off to Bobby Guthrie of Wake County Public Schools for this valuable resource. He has bookmarked all the content for easy navigation. If you’re an AD, a principal of a school with sports, or a coach—have a browse! The sections are as follows:

  • Section A: General Info
  • Section B: Managing the Athletic Program
  • Section C: Checklists (by sport and by month)
  • Section D: Miscellaneous (especially the 4-page, comprehensive Athletic Participation Form)

The playing field is definitely changing.


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