Time to Forget the Dash for Awhile

This time of year is always tense in the school business. Seems like one more demand on our time could be the final straw. Then we see a couple of days off just ahead. Time to slow it down a notch and rebuild some relationships…

These lines come from “The Dash” (1996) by Linda Ellis:

If we could just slow down enough
To consider what’s true and real
And always try to understand
The way other people feel.

And be less quick to anger,
And show appreciation more
And love the people in our lives
Like we’ve never loved before.

I urge all educators to read and share the entire poem, listen to the audiocast, or view the video at The Dash Poem.

May you enjoy Easter, Passover and spring break. . . and for a little while, forget all about The Dash!


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