Worldview in the Creative Age

haulin netFrom yesterday’s Morning Song: “Most of us go to our grave with our music still inside of us.” Today, Miguel writes a bit about stirring up creativity in the workplace.

From Flight of the Creative Class (Florida, 2004)

The creative age requires nothing short of a change of worldview. Creativity is not a tangible asset like mineral deposits, something that can be hoarded or fought over, or even bought and sold. We must begin to think of creativity as a common good, like liberty or security. It’s something essential that belongs to all of us, and that must always be nourished, renewed, and maintained—or else it will slip away.

If schools are to nourish, renew and maintain creativity in students, then it is time for a new compact to educate the whole child.

Are we Paying Attention?


2 Responses to Worldview in the Creative Age

  1. keoughp says:

    WoW Joe!!! That video Paying Attention blew me away. I am sending out to EVERYONE here at CCC – well worth the 7 minutes spent watching it. Yes!!! we as educators MUST be more creatve and innovative in teaching the digital learners.



  2. keoughp says:

    oh yea…any podcasts yet from your tech group?

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