Making the Grade

haulin netCommon chatter in education circles today is about 21st Century Skills. NC’s adaptation is called “future-ready,” and the State Board has already woven its goals and objectives into this progressive framework.

To this end, State Supt. June Atkinson announced in this enhanced podcast that DPI reps would canvas the state to gather public input on implementing a new high school core curriculum that is rigorous and relevant for all students.

Recently, North Carolina Newspapers in Education released its latest “Making the Grade” publication available for NC newspapers. It is called Education for the 21st Century. Feature articles in it include the following:

  • State Board’s Mission Statement Focuses on 21st Century Skills
  • Technology is a Key Component of 21st Century Classrooms
  • Information Skills Bolster 21st Century Success

The Carteret County News-Times will publish the Education for the 21st Century tabloid in the April 29 edition of the paper. The newspaper has graciously offered to produce extra print copies for local schools to send home with students, to make available to PTOs or Advisories, or to share with community members in other ways.


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