Laptop Learning Final Project, 1

haulin netLisa Raines has submitted her final project from our Laptop Learning initiative. In her blog, Click ‘o the Mouse, she highlights an enhanced podcast. She also shares thoughtful reflections on this journey:

My life is different because of the flexibility and mobility I have with my laptop. It has impacted the lives of students in my school both directly and indirectly. That’s what technology is all about after all: impacting students and aiding learning. If that is the end result at the end of the day, then the money spent was well worth it. I would love to see this possibility open up for our teachers and students in the future as well. I know our teachers would be more productive if they had such easy access to technology and the software we use at school.

Bravo!  I have left my full comments of her participation and project on Click ‘o the Mouse.


One Response to Laptop Learning Final Project, 1

  1. Pennylloyd Baldridge says:

    Ms. Raines’ podcast on the 5/6 grade shadowing day is impressive. For the viewer, it only took two minutes to see and understand what a great day that was.

    So, thanks to MMS for hosting the shadowing day and thanks to Lisa Raines for making the podcast to document and explain.

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