Laptop Learning Final Project, 2

haulin netL’il Bit at Bogue Sound Elementary School has turned in her final project from the Laptop Learning Initiative. She has it broken down into five succinct entries at her L’il Bit Blog. The centerpiece is the Super Second Wiki she developed with her second grade teachers.

This site is for us to work collaboratively towards building a resource guide for math. I have placed all the math goals and objectives on pages. For each objective we are compiling a list of sites. We are trying to find an introduction site and different levels of the concept for each objective. We hope to continue wikispace with science for next year. I plan staff development for next year and hope to have each grade level “wikispacing.”

She shares the following thoughts on the power of a laptop to transform her professional practice:

WOW! That’s how I am feeling about all the Web 2.0 training that I received this year. Thanks for this opportunity. Having a laptop that I can take anywhere and can create new things has been a big plus for me. I can now work outside the four walls of the lab and my home.

I can share ideas with students and teachers without having them come to the lab. I am the on the move-have laptop, will travel. I have attended grade level meeting with the laptop. I have used Inspiration software to map out curriculum ideas as they were bouncing around the table. I have been able to connect to the internet to share websites that will enhance student’s learning. The curriculum is just a click away now.

Instead of carrying papers and trying to keep them all organized for each grade level, it is all stored on the laptop and is at my fingertips.


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