Laptop Learning Final Project, 3

haulin netCroatan High School has received play here for its leadership with laptops: Why Laptops and A CHS Vision. Millie, the instructional tech facilitator at CHS, has now posted her Laptop Learning final project and thoughts at Life is Good!

The final project she points to is the conversion of The CHS Science Guy’s blog from Blogmeister to WordPress.

Here are some salient reflections from Millie:

I was fortunate enough to be one of the 15+ recipients of one of these high-tech beasts, and, I must say…the result of this effort has changed the way that I do business!

But, most of all, the use of this laptop along with the staff development that I have received has had a direct impact on the educational environment at Croatan High School.

I teach technology workshops each Friday for the faculty/staff and many of the topics that I have covered have been the result of the new and innovative concepts I have learned from the the Laptop Initiative training.

The Laptop Initiative has not only changed the way that our Instructional Technology Facilitators “do business,” but it has also inspired our teachers to grow technologically. This will, in turn, contribute to the overall goal of our schools and entire county––to impact student achievement. It has been a win-win situation.

“Win-win” is the way it is with all things Millie. She will certainly be missed as she moves on next year to pursue other responsibilities.

We thank her for her years of unyielding service, wish her well on her way, and pray she stays connected to us.


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