Laptop Learning Final Project, 4

haulin netThe customized header on Hawk Talk blog shows a trestle bridge over the Newport River. The trestle bridge is somewhat analogous to the way strong technology infrastructure can support the train of public education.

In “Tools for Learning,” the Hawk Talker continues to prove the case of the transformational power of laptop computers for teachers:

Having a laptop has made it possible to work on school projects anywhere and everywhere. At meetings it’s there to quickly type up notes for publication or distribution; traveling on weekends I am able to edit and work on teacher integration projects, type up observations or organize information; the microphone works great to tape student comments for podcasts; the school website can be edited/updated no matter where I am; CDs for all the fifth graders who traveled to Washington, DC, were created and copied; etc. etc.

This laptop has been a reliable way to present lessons throughout the school because I never have to be concerned about whether it would link up successfully with a projection machine, the Internet, or our server. It opens virtually every document, video or lesson. What a great time saver and stress reliever! The laptop has changed the way I work because now place and time have no restraints. I can work 24/7.

Work 24/7 Ellen did as she accompanied a group of fifth graders to Washington, DC. They documented the experience in this comprehensive enhanced audiocast, which she shares as her final project for our Laptop Learning initiative.


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