Laptop Learning Final Project, 5

haulin netThe High Tider shares her thoughts on the Laptop Learning initiative and has created an innovative teaching video to share as her final project. High Tider blogs about a collaborative event with a math teacher:

Dawn had a neat idea using a well known jingle to help her students with remembering the quadratic formula. I videotaped Dawn singing, as well as her giving a lesson on using the quadratic formula.

If you’ve not yet witnessed a “smart” classroom, do take the time to view the movie. The teacher is using a tablet ($275) which interfaces with her computer. The computer is connected to a projector which, in turn, displays a Smartboard type effect on a wall-mounted whiteboard.

How has a teacher laptop affected her work habits? Says the High Tider,

My work habits have changed dramatically in the past few months. I now have more access and flexibility with my work schedule. I don’t have to spend hours after school anymore; I can bring my laptop home with me.

During school I am able to use the laptop throughout the building. I have used it for purposes such as staff development, class presentations, student tutoring, and web page development (both in and out of school).

We thank the High Tider, and other laptop learners, for sharing their visions of technology enhanced 21st century learning.


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