Laptop Learning Final Project, 6

haulin netThe Battle of the Books team from Harkers Island Elementary School won the 2007 state competition. Now, the Islander instructional technology facilitator has turned in her final project—an enhanced podcast of BOB at HIES.

Laranda points out how laptops affect the professional practice of teachers:

I’ve discovered that a laptop gives me the mobility I need to accomplish more tasks in less time. I am able to take projects on the road and have them completed when I return back to school. This provides me more time to take care of teacher and student needs. I am also able to keep my work organized by having everything digitized and in one place.

Because each teacher has different needs, I frequently have individualized staff development for them. This is accomplished through breaks that teachers have throughout the day or after school. My laptop has made this job so much easier because we can meet anywhere on campus using our wireless setup. Updating our school webpage, conferences, and staff meetings are other ways I utilize this equipment.

Read more of Laranda’s excellent insights into 21st century schooling at her blog, 21st Century Daze.


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