Laptop Learning Final Project, 7

haulin netAll teachers remember their student teaching experience. Some may even remember the precious tokens of appreciation they received from their students at the end of that experience.

As her final project, NottaBlogger from Smyrna Elementary shares a digital Thank You card the Class of 2018 made for the student teacher.

And NottaBlogger chimes in on her Laptop Learning experience:

I can actually say that this web 2.o wave has been a challenging ride. I seem to take this laptop everywhere…home, between classrooms, in meetings, on trips. What did I do before a wireless laptop?

The flexibility of working with this laptop is amazing. I know that many teachers are excited about the prospects of integrating Smartboards, Starboards, Movie making and GPSs into their daily lessons.

I keep jotting down new plans for integration next year, as well as projects I’d like to investigate and hope to try with my teachers next year. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for affording the tech pioneers the opportunity to meet new and innovative challenges. The laptop initiative is definitely the direction our county needs to be sailing.

I don’t agree that NottaBlogger is “not a blogger”. She blogs well.

I agree with NottaBlogger on this: with the tools of new media, the possibilities are endless.


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