Laptop Learning Final Project, 8

haulin netFrom the Keys of the instructional technology facilitator of Broad Creek Middle School comes yet another final project associated with our Laptop Learning initiative. This one is not so much about laptops, however.

Instead, it deals with an even more portable technology we acquired—Global Positioning Systems. Here’s Laura’s take on GPS plans for BCMS:

The faculty was most excited and looking forward to using the Global Positioning System (GPS) as a tool to another fish IMPACT collaboration school-wide activity that integrates media and technology with middle school standard course of studies. Check out our lesson description and activity.

As to laptops for teachers, Laura adds this insight:

It has been liberating to work with a laptop instead of a desktop computer. Web 2.0 has been a breath of fresh air for technology facilitators in Carteret County. We are usually the ones providing technology staff development opportunities to our staff; it was an absolute pleasure to be one receiving staff development that we could go back to school and use with our teachers.

Whether laptops or GPS, the common factor is portability. Suddenly, the environment becomes flexible and fluid.

Rigidity lessens.
Creativity flows.
Everyone soars.


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