Laptop Learning Final Project, 9

haulin netMorehead Elementary School caught the portable technology bug as a result of the Laptop Learning Initiative. The instructional technology facilitator shares the enthusiasm at Mullet Over:

Before my training, Mrs. Gilpin, a fourth grade teacher at Morehead Elementary, borrowed the county’s set of GPS’s to do a lesson on geocaching. This was right before Easter, so the teacher was integrating social studies into a fun Easter activity. She had a fifth grade class go out and hide easter eggs and record their coordinate locations. Then her fourth grade class plugged in the coordinates and used the GPS’s to go outside for a easter egg hunt to find the hidden eggs.

I was so excited after the Laptop Learning workshop on GPS, I met with our school’s PTO and they agreed to purchase our school a class set of 25 Garmin Etrex Legend’s. We have just received them…so hopefully I will be providing training soon.

Here are her thoughts on laptops for teachers:

Oliver Wendall Holmes once said, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” Holmes’ quote articulates my feelings precisely…my mind has truly been stretched. After receiving our laptops, we were provided training by technology experts, allowed to collaborate with other technology facilitators, as well as share the new knowledge experienced with our teachers and students.

This instructional growth is vital if we are going to empower our “digital natives” to be prepared for life in the 21st Century. This instruction also provided a wonderful re-energizing experience for me.

Well said, Ruamie, and well done! As we can clearly see from the first nine Laptop Learning projects, we are establishing our coordinates on the 21C landscape.


One Response to Laptop Learning Final Project, 9

  1. super!!Creative way to integrate elementary level subject matter with advanced technology!!
    There is much on GPS technologies out there…….here is a listserve I’m on of nation wide educators integrating lessons with GPS technology. You may want to throw in there studies on the equinox and solstice to integrate the whole “egg” story.
    Capt. Suz

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