Final Media Tech Meeting of Year (5/31)

haulin net5/31/07 is our final media and technology meeting of the year. It will be from 8:30-10:30 at Central Office. This is our customary “covered dish” celebration of hard work and success.

Here is a working draft of the agenda:

  • Year in Review Wiki (add stuff)
  • United Streaming and SAS inSchool Data
  • School MediaTech Plans (’07-’08)
  • Budget OneStop
  • Public Comment (June 4)
  • AMTR
  • Hardware Acquisition Deployment Strategy
  • August 9 Workshop in Jacksonville
  • TitlePeek
  • School MediaTech Plans (’08-09)
  • ’08-’09 NCWise Rollout?
  • ’08-’09 Professional Development Focus
    • NCLSMA conference
    • NCaect conference
    • Laptop Learning, Phase II
    • Carteret County Conference (Oct 8th)

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