Laptop Learning Final Project, 11

haulin netIn Eagles’ Nest, the instructional technology facilitator at NMS weighs in on the power of laptops for teachers:

With laptops in a wireless environment, teachers have the ability to stay connected to the internet, email, and file servers everywhere they go. Having the capability to be mobile enables educators to have access to their gradebooks, lesson plans, websites, staff development and other educational tools right at their finger tips.

Becky shares her final project, the NMS morning announcement podcasts:

This laptop is able to run applications for making movies, picture shows, podcasting and other advanced technological applications. Each morning at NMS we start our day off with a morning news show, EagleVision. Through the use of the laptop and the skills I learned through our Web 2.0 workshops, I am able to record the audio and post the file as a podcast on our schools webpage.

And she hopes to use her laptop and a webcam to solve the challenges of time and space for a serviceman on duty:

One of our 8th grade students has a dad in Iraq. I am working with Operation Freedom Calls to set up a live video feed via the internet so his dad can watch his graduation live.


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