Launch 07-08

haulin netToday is the first day of our annual summer workshops for school administrators in our system. This effectively sets in motion the wheels of school year 07-08. With that comes the return of Haulin’ ‘Net, my routine musings on education practice and policy as relates to Carteret County Schools and beyond.

This summer has been an especially good one for growth. My garden is popping with more hot peppers than I know what to do with. My kids have attended summer experiences such as Summer Ventures, Duke TIP, and UNC Women’s Soccer Camp. I raced my bicycle in the NC State Time Trials . . . and was duly humbled. I enjoyed solid seaside R&R with the family.

On the professional front, we have new school system leadership. We struck a substantial deal with county government for a much needed course correction in school technology funding. And shifting a bit from technology to athletics, I have developed a broad-brush approach toward coaches’ education. I am as excited about that as anything.

For three years now, I have been using Haulin’ ‘Net to foment anarchy. NOT! I really use it as a means of communicating ideas and initiatives with local and not-so-local groups.

As a reminder, a perpetual link to Haulin’ ‘Net can be found atop the Carteret County School’s TechMedia website. The more techno-savvy readers can subscribe to the RSS feed in their aggregators such as Google Reader. As an added feature, I generally blast an e-mail to various local groups when I update significant technology initiatives, effective teaching practices, and/or innovative student work.

In a nutshell, here are some of the topics I will be treating in detail as we launch into 07-08:

  • Teams that work
  • The $2M technology infusion, 07-08
  • Local and state initiatives and politics
  • Gaining student voice in decisions that will affect them

Godspeed, good readers. Collectively and individually, may we continue our school system’s ascent with excellence and innovation this school year.


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