haulin netSome people have a natural gift for speaking. Sir Ken Robinson, senior advisor to the J. Paul Getty Trust, displays that gift in an entertaining 20-minute video clip called “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”

I downloaded the audio portion to my portable and listened (and laughed) on a recent road trip across the state.

Will Richardson of Weblogg-ed does a nice job covering Sir Ken’s presentation in an entry called “Killing Creativity.”

And our own White Oak Elementary School art teacher Captain Suzan Wallace sent me a heads-up on how Sir Ken’s discourse champions the arts and the education of the whole child.

My notes from the presentation:

  • Education is meant to take us into this future we can’t grasp.
  • Children have extraordinary capacity for innovation.
  • Creativity is as important in education as literacy.
  • If you are not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.
  • In national education systems, mistakes are the worst thing you can make.
  • You don’t grow into creativity, you get educated out of it.
  • Every education system on earth has same hierarchy of subjects.
  • Math and languages on top, then the humanities, then the arts.
  • We typically provide a very “head-centered” education predicated upon academic ability.
  • This was necessary for the Industrial Age, but needs restructuring for the future.
  • Intelligence is diverse, dynamic, and distinct.
  • We have to use wisely the gift of human imagination.

Very soon, test scores will again be front page news. And the scores will be the tail that wags the dog. We will respond accordingly with extreme focus on that which gets measured. All the while we will continue to wave the banner of Future Ready / 21st Century Skills.

To add levity to an opening of school meeting, consider sharing this “Killing Creativity” video with your staff.


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