wow and Wow and HOLY COW!

Joe Poletti will assume an Assistant Principal position at West Carteret High School, and Millie Temple will begin the duties of Director of Technology and Media for the Carteret County Public School System. Carteret County Public School System Superintendent Brad Sneeden announced these changes today.

Mr. Poletti and Mrs. Temple will begin their new duties in early September.

Mr. Poletti has worked as Director of Technology and Media since 2001. He has also been responsible for athletics, arts, healthful living and distance learning. He will now join West Carteret High School’s staff as one of the three assistant principals.

Mrs. Temple has worked for nine years at Croatan High School. She first taught business education and then for the last four years was the instructional technology facilitator. She will now work part-time as the Director of Technology and Media.

According to Mr. Sneeden, Mr. Poletti will continue to direct the school system’s athletic programs and distance learning. Mr. Poletti will also be directly responsible for the technology replacement plan agreement between the Board of Education and the Carteret County Commissioners. His other duties will be reassigned in the coming month.

“Mr. Poletti has served the school system well as the Director of Technology and Media and, at the same time, handling many other duties,” Mr. Sneeden said. “It has been Mr. Poletti’s desire to work as an administrator on the school level, and he asked to be considered for the assistant principal position at West Carteret High School. While I certainly will miss his expertise on the school system level, I am pleased he remains as part of the school system team and pleased he is willing to continue handling many other duties.

“Mrs. Temple comes highly qualified to the position of Director of Technology and Media,” Mr. Sneeden continued. “She is well respected in the school system and the community and brings a wealth of knowledge to this position. Mrs. Temple resigned her position as a teacher at Croatan High School in June in order to spend time assisting her parents and continue working on her degree. Because this is a part-time position, it will fit her family and professional needs and it will certainly fit the needs of the school system.”


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