Clickin’ on All Cylinders

Lisa Raines is back from summer vacation. I can tell from reading her blog Click o’ the Mouse that she is turbo-charged for a great school year. She has an idea to lead her school away from static web pages and towards blogs. In her own words, she is ready to “blow the lid off blogging.”

The advantages of being able to update their web sites from anywhere and using an interactive format with students and parents are winning more teachers by the day. I believe the majority of our teachers will be blogging by the end of the year.

If this experiment works (and I believe it will), our teacher web sites will be more interesting, more interactive, more informative, and more current than ever before. Students will be learning and collaborating outside the classroom. Parents will have a voice. The world will be invited in to interact with our classrooms and share their expertise in ways they haven’t been able to before.

Lisa has the teachers meeting the students on their own turf. Take Mr. Wolfe’s class blog, for instance. He has a welcome video (recorded on his MacBook and posted to YouTube) and a Slide that depicts his passion, fishing. We’re talking major and instant 21C credibility here.

Welcome back, Lisa. I’m a believer! What I like most about this plan is that it strives to build a culture of writing within a community of learners. Teacher writing is given prominent display on the web to compete with the daily distractions to students’ attention.


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