NCVPS is the Future Workplace

haulin netABC News reports on a work world with “no commute, no corporate headquarters and perhaps not even an office in the physical world at all.” The 2-minute video clip says it all . . .

Having a big desk as a sign of status with lots of family photos and you know, carpeting that’s fluffy and nice, that is a vision of the past,” said Hoffman, executive vice president of Accenture.

42 percent of IBM’s 350,000 employees rarely come into an IBM office.

With no corporate headquarters, if you need a work space, you reserve it like a hotel room — checking in and out at a kiosk.

This forecast presents a challenge to traditional high schools that are charged with preparing students for the future workplace. That is . . . unless we embrace, promote, even mandate on-line learning as part of a comprehensive high school educational experience.

In our school system, we have around 40 students taking 22 on-line classes through the North Carolina Virtual Public High School. The one early guarantee I am coming away with is that these classes are rigorous. It has been an eye-opener for some students.

The on-line educational model is fairly new terrain for these students and their guidance counselors. I applaud them for “jumping off the cliff.” I am confident that our local support team and the provider support team can enhance their experience for a safe landing.

This NCVPS experience will give these trailblazing students a leg up in their quest for a place in the future of work.

For more, check out the News-Times article on Virtual Courses.


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