Conference Carteret

The school system hit a homer with “Through the Eyes of Our Students,” a county-wide education conference on October 8th. A variety of sessions with diverse appeal went on all day. About 300 faculty and staff members participated in this inaugural run.

My session was “Our Flat World.” I only had an hour-and-a-half to touch upon Friedman, Pink and Florida. We scanned the ten flatteners and tried to apply them to 21C content and Future-Ready goals. We spoke much of creativity.

F2F time was limited, and many participants expressed a desire for more time to cover the material. I understand where they are coming from. I could have worked all day with this group, their vital ideas, and their vast energy.

The thing about this whole flat world, future-ready conversation though is that it never ends and it is always on. If we truly mean to keep the conversation alive, then we have to embrace the tools of technology—Web 2.0, or whatever we want to call it—to conquer challenges imposed by time and space.

We can do it globally . . . and we can do it locally.



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