Have You Seen These Guys?


The new computers are arriving in schools, and will continue to do so over the next three weeks. This is significant because it somewhat culminates an aggressive budget request process that began nearly a year ago with the submission of 06-07 School Technology Plans.

It also sets the bar for a creative and beneficial partnership with county government.

Tech support, school-based media and tech personnel, and some hired hands are busy unboxing, assembling, ghosting, and placing the much-anticipated new hardware assets. They are doing great work and are being as least disruptive to the educational day as possible.

Placement of new inventory requires substantial shifting about of existing inventory. And right much of our long-suffering antiquated technology is heading out to surplus.

So the projectors are in, half of the computers—including many laptops—are in the process of arriving, and the Request for Bids on printers has just been OK’d for release. To finish this entire deal, we will get some new printers in November and we will fine tune the order for the remaining 690 computers in December. Those computers will arrive sometime in February or March.

As an added benefit—the first wireless canopy has been installed at BCMS. The plan is to do nine more schools this year and the rest next year.

As I said of this deal in The Heavy Lifting and reiterate now:

The logistics are nothing short of complicated. Ordering, installing, mounting, moving electricity, and shuffling old inventory toward surplus will be crushing.

In short, once the procurement and implementation stages are complete, we will have to address how these 21st century tools are going to impact 21st century teaching and learning for 100% of our teachers and students.

And that’s when the heavy lifting begins.


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