Where the Big Ideas are Built

Arguably, everyone has a Personal Learning Environment. While at Central Services, much of my PLE was on-line. I could manage the feeds in my aggregator, read journals and books, and stay current with educational news. Some manifestations of my digital PLE are as follows:

I never found time or need to move beyond to tools like Twitter and Skype. As the backlog in my aggregator indicates, I can’t keep up with my current information overload.

Now that I am back in a school, my PLE has taken a decidedly human turn. I learn much from my fellow administrators, and I have endeared myself to the English department as it moves to innovate some new approaches, processes, even systems designed to improve student writing.

This group is looking like a Professional Learning Community. One of my goals is to keep the PLC connected as part of my PLE. The wiki is the perfect tool for this, and we are just getting it off the ground. I like capturing the fruits of our discussion in a wiki as part of my PLE.

Much more than that, though, I am energized by the F2F conversation we have as a department during lunch and after school. This small group meeting routinely to focus on a problem is where the big ideas are built. Stay tuned . . .


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