NCVPS Advisory Board Board Update

I want to bring you all up to date on several of the primary items we are following up on from our Board meeting last month.

The main tasks are:

  1. Better defining the relationship between VPS and LEAs, principals, students/parents etc. – the respective responsibilities.
  2. Better guidelines for grade and progress reporting as well as drop/add and withdrawal policies.
  3. Improve student orientation process; selection etc.
  4. Research SBE policies for aligning with VPS’s needs
  5. Improve communications  with local school contacts

Please let me know if there are other priority areas.

Many of these items will be addressed in a revised handbook for local distance learning advisors which we hope to have available early next month. If any of you would be available to review the draft of this prior to it going out we’d appreciate your input very much. Let me know.   We will use this as a basis for training local advisors in November and

We are still planning on the spring registration opening up in mid November. We will be making a presentation to the State Board Oct. 31. I have made a couple presentations at RESA meetings and have had many good
suggestions on improvements. Mid semester grades are due to us at the end of October.

Jim Barber
Interim Director


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