Modified Lesson Study @ WCHS

Tomorrow morning we take our first shot at upgrading our PLC conversation at WCHS. Five teachers will meet with me to prepare for a lesson observation with a lead teacher the following day.

Initially Licensed Teachers (ILTs) and selected new teachers will observe and reflect upon the teaching practice of lead teachers they visit. The ultimate goal will be for observing teachers to adapt and adopt effective teaching practices they observe. This structured professional development opportunity will consist of pre-visit, visit and post-visit components. There will be sustained follow-up with facilitator.

Our first lead teacher will be Allen Conway. The lesson we will observe deals with the emergence of the United States in world affairs (1890-1914). The major concepts will be the following:

  • exploitation of nations
  • peoples and resources
  • increased demands for resources and markets
  • global and military competition

Here is the note-taking tool we will use: lesson-study-tool.pdf


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