Killer App for beyond 2008

Cell phones in the hands of students, plain and simple. Cutting edge kids today do not talk on their phones, they type on their phones. (A glaring revelation: the plan with 1000 text messages per month is not enough.) They also take photos, make movies, record audio, and listen to music on their cell phones.

From Ypulse:

I think 2008 is the year this will really begin to take off with teens — mostly as another way to check “email” or messages, comments, etc. via cellphone since MySpace and Facebook have replaced email as the way teens message each other.

As the iPhone drops in price more teens will buy iPhones. Since phones are teens’ lifelines, they want everything on one device – web, music, video, photos. The iPhone is the first consumer oriented smart phone to do it. And well, teens already love their iPods…

From the Economist:

Mobile phone companies lust after the 700 megahertz frequencies because of their long range and broadband capabilities. They see lots of lucrative things like mobile television and other broadband services to offer customers.

Internet searches will doubtless be as popular among mobile-internet surfers as among their sedentary cousins. Owning at least 60% of the mobile search market is the prize Google has been after all along.

At the beginning of the school year, we heard school leaders getting right vocal about preparing “Future-Ready” students, and by now all faculties have watched “Did You Know 2.0.”

In general, how are schools positioning (both near- and long-term) for the next killer app: student cell phones in schools?


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