What Was He Thinkin’?

haulin netWe marked the first day of 2008 with an excellent brunch for an eclectic group. My wife, three teenage daughters, our teenage exchange student from Thailand, and I were joined by a Most Holy Monsignor from the Catholic church.

He told me that he likes to spend time on January 1 responding to some Christmas cards he received. It comes with the turf!

Something on my turf is to run through the past year and select a blog post per month. Each post helps me build a mental roadmap of the year 2007. So, here is a year-in-review sampler from the archives of Haulin’ ‘Net:

January: Wake-up Call
“Here then are some comments from our K-12 laptop learning crew as to what Web 2.0 audiocasts could mean for teaching and learning.”

February: Learn. Unlearn. Relearn
“Tchoukball is a new sport/game we learned and played. None of us had ever played it before, so we brought all our alpha-dog athletic habits to the experience. We soon found out they were useless.”

March: This One’s on Me
As a leader, a miscommunication event in my area of oversight is always my fault. / Tonight’s Board of Education passage of the ‘07-’08 school system budget supports full funding of $1.2M in much-needed technology hardware acquisition.”

April: Creative Wildfires and Divergent Paths
“Whatever fuels creativity — passion, muse, spirit, spirits, magic, necessity, yearning, emotion — seems to be alive in some and dormant in others.”

May: Preparing Future-Ready Students
“Letter to the Editor: Over the eight years that we have been trying to keep our computer inventory refreshed, local support has waxed to as much as $600K (2000 and 2001) per year and has waned to $0 (2002).”

June: Island Legacy
“Dianne Garner and the Harkers Island Battle of the Books team won the NC State Championship this year.”

July: Administrators on the Ropes
“On 7/25/07, the central services and school-based administrators of Carteret County Public School System shared an abbreviated ropes course experience.”


August: The Heavy Lifting
“The overwhelming good news in our school system is this year’s much needed course correction in technology refreshment and upgrades. The architect of this 5-year deal is county manager John Langdon.”

Reflections on the Job Shift
“I’ve been trying to get back into schools for two years. Finally, the stars have aligned. I’m heading out of media/tech and back into school-life. I will be assistant principal at West Carteret High School.”

September: The Peloton and Good Organizational Karma
“The power of the peloton—riders taking turns out front—allowed the group to finish faster and stronger than had any of us gone the route solo.”

October: Conference Carteret
“The school system hit a homer with ‘Through the Eyes of Our Students,‘ a county-wide education conference on October 8th. A variety of sessions with diverse appeal went on all day.”

November: Contexts for Professional Discourse
“Modified Lesson Study: The idea is to build a learning network that extends beyond the formal discussions of the professional development to the informal, informed, and ongoing conversations about best practice. These new conversations are embedded in common contexts and shared experience.”

December: Sign Man, Cone Man, and Gate Man (posted at LeaderTalk)”As a high school assistant principal, I deal with enough students during the day who are caught up in some trouble of their own “normal” teenage devices. I can’t help but think that Sign Man, Cone Man and Gate Man—in their own ways—are among the most blessed in our school community.”

—-Archiving is a neat feature of blogging. These 2007 monthly highlights from Haulin’ ‘Net make a nice map of the road traveled. One could certainly make a case that similar writing/journaling would be advantageous to students chronicling their learning journeys.


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