2007 Whimsy

Do we teach our students that writing is a reflection of the writer? As I looked back on 2007 postings, I noticed a whimsical roadmap different than the more serious one I have already shared.

As an expression of the humanity in writing, here then is some Haulin’ ‘Net Whimsy from 2007:

February: Still Running—Art from the Heart
“High on this weekend’s tipsheet has got to be Art from the Heart at the old News-Times building. Dick Rogers, local artists, art teachers, and art students have assembled a real treat for the eyes and minds. View a video montage of the art on display.

March: Frampton Comes Alive
“Then I drove past my sprawling high school campus which until recently housed close to 2500 students. It was about the only thing on the landscape that looked the same from the outside as it did in the 70’s.”

April: Trust


“On April 27, the K-8 PE teachers and a guidance counselor from Carteret County Schools met at the Ropes Course behind Morehead Middle. Aside from trust (above pic), the Ropes Course can be a proving ground for many organizational qualities.”

June: Love Your Tomorrows
Dr. David Lenker and Dr. Pennylloyd Baldridge call it a wrap!

July: My Summer Reading Programread.jpg

Reading about the Cookie Monster is always a moment I cherish. Other books I’m working on right now include Prep (Jake Coburn), Who We Are Now (Sam Roberts) , and The Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches (Greg Dale and Jeff Janssen).

July: When Not Blogging . . .
“I play my music in the sun. (That’s my bro-in-law on lead guitar and niece on front oar.)”


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