Basketball Racing

This is the first time in over six years that I have not been intimately intertwined with fashioning the local school system budget. The five-year tech deal we struck last year continues to bear good fruit—not the least of which is a renewed and reinvigorated partnership between the board of education and the board of county commissioners.

The Report Card from Carteret County Schools television show is shown on Time Warner Cable TV 10. Carteret County Public School System Superintendent Brad Sneeden and Carteret County Manager John Langdon are featured in the show that will be aired January 7 and January 14 at 7:30 p.m. and January 10 at 6:30 p.m.

Mr. Sneeden and Mr. Langdon discuss the budgeting process. They share information about the preparation of the school system’s budget request and about the county’s work when the school system’s budget request is received.

Monday night, I caught Report Card w/ Brad Sneeden and John Langdon. It was a nice piece of work! I especially took heart with the significant segment on the tech deal. The effect of that deal on local politics has been significant.

And translation to the classroom is simple. Recently, I observed a science classroom. Topic: volcanoes, specifically the topographical contour lines before and after the event. After some teaching and a hands-on project, the teacher projected two You Tube videos of Mt. St. Helens blowing, and then used Virtual Earth to hone in on the post-event topography of the mountain.

Such valuable visual resources are now a touch of the button away in many of our classrooms—much to the advantage of kids today. I rejoice that this deal (and my previous job) happened!


I love sports. As an assistant principal of a big high school, I go to a lot of games. My exchange student from Thailand especially likes basketball, so she goes with me to all home games. In her English linguistic conventions, she calls all competitions “racing.” Therefore, a basketball game is “basketball racing” and a cheerleading competition is “cheerleading racing”, etc . . .

Last Friday night, our varsity boys played the best game of their season. We lost, but to a superior team. Thing is, much to the delight of the fan base, we were in the game all the way. In fact, we were up by 2 with 1 second to play. This from the News-Times:

With one second remaining on the clock and West Carteret up by two points, 69-67, South Central in-bounded the ball into the corner to Nobles, who proceeded to hit a three-point shot at the buzzer with two defenders on him as he was falling out of bounds.

Before the ball fell to the floor, Nobles was swarmed by his teammates in front of the heartbroken Patriot bench as South Central escaped West Carteret with the one-point victory.

West Carteret, which did everything but win Friday night, now has to regroup and prepare for its next game.

Even in defeat, what a shared experience for the high school community! And to be a part of it—whether a player, coach, parent, student, faculty/staff, stakeholder, exchange student, etc. is to be a part of something big, something unifying, something that transcends the individual.

So, yes, I have shelved county politics for “basketball racing” this season. There is enough action in both arenas for all!


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