Sacked Wake Forest football player dismissed (1/27)—

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A reserve running back for the Wake Forest University football team has been dismissed after writing on his Facebook page that he would “blow up campus.”

Campus police said 19-year-old Luke Caparelli posted the note on the social-networking page on Jan. 13. The note was written in third person and included a threat that Caparelli would have an Uzi submachine gun “locked and loaded in his bag.”

I am reminded in Sunday vespers that humans are a fallible lot. We make mistakes, atone for them, learn from them, and hopefully achieve forgiveness for them. But digital dirt is unforgiving.

The authorities found no evidence that Caparelli was going to carry out his threat. This fumble not only cost him his place in a vaunted football tradition at a prestigious university, but it will most likely haunt him in the eventual job hunt.

Whether on the football field or on Facebook, a misread is a misread. And no amount of filtering in K-12 can teach cyber ethics to kids growing up on-line.

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