The Good Stuff

haulin netThis year has been a good one for technology infrastructure in our school system. All schools are benefiting from the creative partnership struck up with the county to fund technology at levels that haven’t been seen around here in a long while.

But as more and more of the “stuff” gets situated, our true heavy lifting—what we do with technology to enhance teaching and learning for 100% of our students and staff—begins in earnest.

A recent e-mail from our school system’s Director of Technology Millie Temple shows some innovative ways that various schools are using technology to support teaching and learning.

A good exercise to build upon this info would be to link each of the following datapoints to a digital artifact that represents it. Further icing on the cake would be to show the percentage of student body and staff who use it and the effect it has on academic achievement, 21st century preparation, and/or personal growth.

Media and Technology Advisory Committe

Agenda Item #1: Time for Sharing
Members shared the following information regarding technology initiatives that have taken place in their schools this year:

Morehead City Middle School

  • All data projectors are being used
  • Guitar Hero used for a math class (Deanne Rosen, 7th Grade Math)
  • Airliners used in Science classes
  • Teachers love wireless presenter mice (software eliminates the need for airliners/SMART boards)
  • Portable labs/wireless canopy have been great
  • Investigating the possibility of posting podcasts without using MP3 players (call-in process)
  • Web Cams being used in 6th grade Social Studies

Broad Creek Middle School

  • Podcasting w/ MP3 players
  • Downloading books on MP3 players
  • Use of Senteo presentation systems
  • Use of 19 SMART boards
  • New telecommunications system allows virtual field trips
  • Creating digital yearbook
  • Purchased GPS systems
  • Purchased “Wii” game system for adaptive PE
  • Held a “Technology Silent Dance”—students listened to their own music on MP3 players and iPods; Purchased splitters for students who didn’t have an MP3 player so they could share with a friend
  • Teacher laptops have been great!—can work at home while still spending time with family (E-grades, e-mail, etc.)
  • Teacher PowerPoint presentations are being added to teacher web pages (using a wireless presenter—records video and sound—can be purchased from Best Buy for approx. $50.00)—great for students who are absent or for remediation
  • Investigating new projection system (projects keyboard on table—projects monitor on any flat surface)

Croatan High School

  • Moodle (can be used to replace teacher web pages). Students can submit assignments electronically to the teacher. Students who are absent don’t get behind.
  • Tablet PCs for Math teachers; Teacher dictates while working the problem; problem is recorded and can be accessed afterwards on the teacher’s website (great for absent students or for remediation!)

Harkers Island Elementary School

  • Researched an alternative to tablets/air writers–$100 pen to be released possibly in Feb.-March that can be used to digitally capture what is written by a teacher/student

Bogue Sound Elementary School

  • Had to change computer scheduling due to demand for more time on laptops–cart is being used 1.5 hour at a time instead of smaller increments
  • 3rd-4th grade podcasting (Jason Vanzant)

White Oak Elementary School

  • Laptop cart has been a huge plus
  • New version of SuccessMaker has been installed and students have been enrolled—started using it this week—students love it!
  • Using SRI-Scholastic Reading Inventory (to find lexile levels)
  • Lab with new computers is staying full
  • Teachers are enjoying the new projectors!!

Newport Middle School

  • Studio/Morning Broadcast is being used as a model for Jones Middle School who has recently received a grant for that purpose

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