Resist Insanity by Making Excellent Mistakes

From the “Continuous Improvement” files comes this courtesy of . . .

Dr. Terry Holliday, Superintendent, Iredell-Statesville Schools

Einstein said it was insanity to keep doing what we always have done and expect different results. Today, school superintendents and principals have to be successful managers and leaders of change.

The points below come from the ultimate change guru in our current educational research base is Michael Fullan.

#1 – Love your employees – focus not only on student and customer satisfaction, but, also create schools and districts that focus on quality of life for teachers and administrators

#2 – Connect peers with purpose – top down doesn’t work, bottom up doesn’t work, need to have a blended and partnership approach

#3 – Capacity building trumps judgmentalism – assume staff do not have capacity to implement changes when things are not working and then build capacity

#4 – Learning is the work – for everyone… including school boards – professional development must be delivered within context and supported on the job – for every hour of PD, need 7 hours of coaching, deployment, and mentoring

#5 – Transparency – things can’t be improved if we don’t know about them

#6 – Systems Learn – move from systems thinking to systems DOING!! You don’t change beliefs, you first change behaviors. So start doing and don’t wait until you have it perfect. You learn from making excellent mistakes.


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