Can’t Fix Stupid

Appalachian State University was locked down on March 3rd, as police searched for a gunman reported to be in the vicinity. The report turned out to be a hoax concocted by an English major who had done some damage to his apartment and didn’t want to pay for it.

So he used his keen wit to invent a burglar, which he describes in this video from the Mountain Times.

From the Watauga Democrat:

On Monday, vice chancellor for student development Cindy A. Wallace told the Appalachian student newspaper the apartment’s close proximity to campus warranted the campus response.

“The confirmation of a gun made us believe that we needed to act the way we did and I hope people view that as a prudent way to respond,” Wallace said.

In light of the highly publicized spate of school shootings, I applaud ASU for its prudent and quick response.

I have to wonder about any student today who would invent a gunman hoax or make a bogus threat in academic institutions that are already hyper-sensitive and on high alert.

My guess is as each perceived threat is met with swift and decisive action by the school and the authorities, these dangerous games of invention will decrease and eventually end.

 App State, Class of 1985


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