Out on a Limb with CSI

It’s not really too far out on a limb to see computers eventually replacing a few teachers in bricks and mortar schools.

Already we have students in labs, media centers, and home environments taking NCVPS and Learn and Earn On-line classes. Two bits of good news here. We haven’t lost a teacher to this yet and the on-line students still have teachers, though they are in distant places.

NCVPS and Learn and Earn are working hard to revamp the on-line learning environment. The worthy goal is to evolve beyond Blackboard and make the learning experience richer and more compelling.

This plausible crime scene demo is an example of such innovation embedded into an actual writing course. Take some time to work through the instructional sequence that begins like this:


Part One of the instructional sequence takes you to the crime scene. Rollovers give various details about evidence. Then you have to type an answer to a question about the crime scene.

Part Two, complete with rollovers and question, depicts victims and suspects.

Part Three, Victims and Suspects II, delves deeper into the crime. In like manner it features rollovers and three questions.


The sequence then takes you to Crime Scene II, The Wooded Area. This has key evidence and two more questions to answer.

The exercise concludes with all of your written answers displayed next to the answers from the detectives. This allows you to compare, contrast and refine. Then the killers are revealed.

This learning exercise is based on an actual murder case in North Carolina. It is packaged into a course offered by UNC-G iSchool that allows high school students to take college courses for free.

I took the test drive of the crime scene pre-writing activity and agree that it will yield consistent and compelling value over time . . . especially for today’s students.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Joe!

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