And the walls come tumbling down

I have found that it really doesn’t take much for walls to come tumbling down.  In my new job as an administrator of a large elementary school, I have recently watched two physical walls come down.  These walls served valid purposes once, but with new construction completed the walls were simply obstacles in the way of golden opportunities.

With good people on our team, we removed the walls one week prior to the start of school.  The rooms that the walls separated have been reinvented and reinvigorated.

The physical walls may have been the easiest to remove.  But the unseen walls–those that are either imposed upon us or that we impose upon ourselves–can be the most overbearing and stifling.  They are often built up over time and have shaky foundations.  Sometimes they are walls of protection, but they also can prevent growth.

As we create new opportunities for student and staff growth at Newport El this year, Principal Beth Lanning and I are in the business of dropping walls by the power of communication and shared vision.

Slowly but surely we are seeing a golden new beginning rising where the walls of time once stood.


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