Loyalty in Absence

October 23, 2008

Superintendent Brad Sneeden

A Noble Man Has Gone to his King

We must rejoice that we knew–if even for a moment–
such a relentless visionary, ultra-effective leader,
and ambassador of goodwill.

May he rest in peace.


MOREHEAD CITY – The music of students in the Carteret Honors Band and Carteret County Vocal Ensemble filled Glad Tidings Church in Morehead City Sunday as the community celebrated the life of late school Superintendent Brad Sneeden. (More from the Jacksonville Daily News, 11/24/08)

MOREHEAD CITY – “What this has taught me is not even Superman lives forever. My father might have passed on but his vision doesn’t have to,” said Bradford.  (More from the Carteret News Times, 11/24/08)


What’s in Your Skiff?

October 12, 2008

Frenzy is the best word to describe the week after Halloween in a large elementary school. Candy is in great supply. And sugar is coursing through the mouths and veins of already hyped-up kids. Although this may make the local dentists happy, the frenzy inspired by the unyielding supply of Jolly Ranchers, Starbursts, and Reese’s Pieces complicates the lives of elementary school teachers.

One frazzled teacher sought refuge in the teacher’s lounge during her planning time.

Upon her entrance, she was greeted by a peer: “How are your young-ins doing today?”

Her reply was classic: “My crowd’s worser than a skiffload of hard crabs.”


Here’s hoping your skiff is brimming with GOLDfish!