2008 Year in Review

151M “2008 Year in Review” hits on Google.  After 4 years, still only one Haulin’ Net . . .

February:  Preparing Students to Handle the News

The one common denominator you will find in the reshaping of the news industry is RSS (Really Simple Syndication) or web feeds. Mozilla Firefox, IE7, and a host of feed aggregators give flexible RSS advantages to future-ready news consumers…So, that’s the news in 2008. How well are we preparing students to handle it?

March:   Out on a Limb with CSI

It’s not really too far out on a limb to see computers eventually replacing a few teachers in bricks and mortar schools…Already we have students in labs, media centers, and home environments taking NCVPS and Learn and Earn On-line classes…NCVPS and Learn and Earn are working hard to revamp the on-line learning environment. The worthy goal is to evolve beyond Blackboard and make the learning experience richer and more compelling.

April:  Corporate or Revisionist History

This time last year, I was beginning side conversations with county government to correct the course of our school system’s technology funding. I supplied sufficient data to show how erratic local funding over nearly a decade had created an aging computer inventory in schools…The data allowed Mr. Langdon to arrive at an alternative solution—stabilize funding and buy less expensive computers…So, it was with great intrigue, but little surprise as a new budget year approaches, that I read the print editorial from Mr. D. L. Darden in today’s News-Times (4/18/08).

May:  Perspective

In this month’s School Administrator, I am honored to have published a story about three of West Carteret’s finest students:   Sign Man, Cone Man and Gate Man.

June:  NCVPS Celebrates First Year of  Service

North Carolina’s online virtual public school has just completed its first full year of operation with plenty to celebrate. After its launch in June 2007 by Lt. Gov. Bev Perdue, the State Board of Education and the NC Department of Public Instruction, the North Carolina Virtual Public School has grown from an initial student base of 4,100 to one that is serving more than 17,000 students enrolled in more than 72 courses.

July:  Balancing That Universe

Thank you, West Carteret Patriots, for allowing me to work as part of your administrative team in ‘07-’08. West is a “sequoia-sized” school with a vibrant and diverse set of stakeholders. It enjoys a rich legacy in Carteret County and North Carolina.  It has a soul!

Godspeed, mighty and good Patriots. Until we meet again.

August:  Newport Nation


The Hawk soars Monday.

September:  Monument to Self (published at LeaderTalk)

What is the dream job office? What does it look like?

Usually it is a corner office with a window or two.  Ample room.  Shelves of books that mark eras of educational trends.  Family pictures, triumphant memories.  Nice office furniture.  Perhaps a plant and some objects of art.  A focal wall adorned with degrees, recognitions and other monuments to self.

October:  Loyalty in Absence

We must rejoice that we knew–if even for a moment–
such a relentless visionary, ultra-effective leader,
and ambassador of goodwill.

May Brad Sneeden rest in peace.

December:  Not  My First Rodeo (published at LeaderTalk)

After about a decade of being an instructional technology advocate from central office/state dept/university levels, I’m a year-and-a-half into my new career twist:  school-based leadership.

One thing I bring to the new job focus is the old job skillset.  So, when it was time for our school to write our new school improvement plan…what better way then to leverage some of the tools I’ve learned  along the way?


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