Poletti’s 12 Points Of Effective Leadership

haulin netLong time, no write?  Definitely.  Trying to bring a large elementary school out of “School in Improvement” status is a time and energy zapper. Now testing begins.  We can do little but watch to see the fruits of our labors.

Actually, I’ve been doing a lot of writing by capturing some of the humorous lighter sides of elementary school life.  Currently, I’ve got sixty-three pages of manuscript on that project.

And on the family side, my oldest daughter will be going to UNC next year, my middle one is heading to the North Carolina School of Science and Math, and my youngest completed a five-sport year as she exits middle school.

As I reflect on this year…and on my various leadership roles over time…I am able to rarify my position of educational leadership.  The work-in-progress goes like this.

  1. Forge a vision from your worldview.
  2. Ignite it with passion.
  3. Without losing aim–use interpersonal skills to share, adapt and evolve that vision.
  4. Build consensus to the  point of common cause.
  5. Trust and empower others in a participatory and distributed network of ownership.  Recognize and allow them to share their gifts,
  6. Become extremely accountable to one another and monitor with vigilance.
  7. Connect the dots.
  8. Care for those in the organization.
  9. Maintain a rigorous and holistic personal fitness regimen.
  10. Utilize 21st century tools and systems to communicate and get the work done.
  11. Value every minute of organizational time.
  12. Value even more every minute of non-organizational time.

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