Random Acts of Heroism

…OR…why Newport Elementary School will triumph.

Heroic Acts from 5/19:

  • The morning duty staff in the media center adapt to the avalanche of students who missed the memo and showed up there before school.
  • The U-11 soccer stars set the “golden” standard on the morning news.
  • The cafe ladies deliver 430 to-go breakfasts pre-EOG.
  • 2 first grade and 2 second grade teachers answer the call to remediate our Extend2’s in reading. Grade level teachers provide resources.
  • The other teachers in those grades absorb the students from the four classes to make the remediation happen.
  • Vicky, Dean, Shawn and the PE department convert the gym to a cinema. Later, they break it down and set it up again…this time with surround sound.
  • The PE teachers structure some much needed recreation for assorted students who are not in the formal EOG environment.
  • The cafe ladies handle the unpredictable lunch arrival times of the test-takers.
  • Three teachers/proctors sacrifice their afternoons to monitor the slow finishers.
  • Many teachers handle discipline in their classrooms as the HC and specials operate on an EOG schedule.

These are among the random heroic acts of individuals who put team first and victory at hand during the Reading EOGs.

This staff is truly remarkable and appreciated. Soar on!


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