The Commitment to Excellence

…is habitual hard work.

The EOG teachers and proctors are just one example of that ethic.  They supply and organize materials.  They circulate among student desks for 135 minutes straight.  They make sure student test items and answer keys are in the same zip code.  They attend to the geometry of the various papers on student desks.  They oversee errant pencil markings and eraser blemishes on answer keys.  They pick up pencils and calculators that drop to the floor.  They pick up heads that drop to the desks.  They bring tissues to runny-nosed kids and escort those that “gotta go.”

They read scripts verbatim, mind the clock, and lead stretching during breaks. They guard against misadministration. They keep test items secure.

They cannot do anything more.

Here’s to our teachers and proctors for their great personal investment in this endgame!

Right now, our entire staff is operating like a juggernaut focused on a common cause.  It is what leads Millie Temple, our liaison from Central Services, to call us the “most structured testing environment” she has ever seen and a “PERFECT model!”

I could not agree more with Millie’s assessment.

Soar on!  Soar on!


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