Daniel Pink (2005) writes:  “In any symphony, the composer and the conductor have a variety of responsibilities.  They must make sure that the brass horns work in synch with the woodwinds, that the percussion instruments don’t drown out the violas. But perfecting those relationships–important though it is–is not the ultimate goal of their efforts.  What conductors and composers desire–what separates the long remembered from the  quickly forgotten–is the ability to marshal these relationships into a whole whose magnificence exceeds the sum of its parts.”

Our EOG testing process has an ongoing symphonic quality; without a doubt, Su-Lin and Elizabeth are masters of orchestration.  They have marshalled up test administrators, proctors, environments, accommodations, materials, schedules, retests, and results in an efficient, effective and organized manner.

It is artistry to make music of the madness that is EOG testing. Within the last seven school days, we have done Extend2’s in reading for 21 students, extend 2’s in Math for 17 students, EOG’s in reading for 363 students, and EOG’s in math for 364 students.  And we just received a spontaneous arrangement sent at 10:19 last night that sets up for today the first series of Extend2 retests and EOG make-ups for 30 students.

The players tune up their instruments again today for another round of high stakes testing.  We are all the music-makers, following the conductor batons of Su-lin and Elizabeth.

And if our first listen to the testing results that were delivered yesterday afternoon is any indication, this year’s EOG symphony at NES may be some long remembered music to our ears.


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